Elly´s Secret

A new lighting system, that brings daylight, wherever you are, for applying perfect makeup. It helps you by
brightening your face evenly. It is time to say “No” to uneven foundation or mismatched colours.


How many times have you been surprised by seeing your reflection in a shop/car window, asking yourself “I did
my makeup so artfully back home. What happened to that face, I saw in my bathroom mirror?” That is the
moment you have been introduced to the most important beauty lesson:
 It’s all about lighting.

The most important beauty booster is not actually your makeup skills, it is the light in which you apply your
makeup. Indoor lighting can make it difficult to select the hue closest to your skin colour, to perfectly blend
the contours and to have a flawless finish. You need a perfect light, that gives you a sun-kissed glow.


But what about those cloudy days? What about getting ready for girls night out after the sun has set? What
about those bathrooms, that have no windows? Or they do, but it highlights only parts of your face?


What choices do we have for in-door lighting:
Fluorescent lighting- This is way too bright. Causing you to overdo the blush, bronzer or foundation to
compensate for the lack of colour on your face.

Rosy light- It makes your face look healthier. So it is really not a smart choice for applying makeup, as it
might lead you in slacking a little on the concealer.

Yellow light- It makes everyone look kind of tired and sick, causing you to put on too much makeup.

So, a poor or wrongly-chosen lighting can make you look tired, washed out and less beautiful.
It is really time to find the best in-door lighting for applying makeup.

What you need is a light source, that resembles the colour spectrum of natural light. You need a perfect lighting
system, that offers the best brilliance and brightens your face evenly, making it free from unflattering shadows.